Maximise Return on Investment

Maximise your Return on Investment with Geothermal

How do you maximise your return on investment?

How do you get the best Value for money for your Geothermal Heat Pump system?

Optimise Design

Optimise, Optimise Optimize!!!!

Have a system designed by an accredited Geothermal Engineer and you will not have to worry about the system being too expensive,  not working or running inefficiently,  Geothermal Heating and Cooling Australia’s design team can optimise the design so you will maximise your return on investment

There are a few simple design rules we follow

Don’t oversize-  Over size the system you are paying too much and the system could be running ineffiecently

Don’t undersize – under sizing a system can have disastrous consequences the system can fall over and stop working

Zone control

Zone Control is very important when choosing your Geothermal Heating  system,  when you have good zone control over your system this can mean you will use less energy,  there is no point overheating a room or area that does not need it,  you could also have a day time night time zone meaning the one heat pump could be used for heating or cooling the living areas in the day time and heating and cooling the bedrooms in the night time,  this could potentially halve the size of the heat pump required hence being a cost saving

Insulate your house well

Insulating your house will save you money on your long term heating and cooling costs,  it is a really great idea to make your house as insulated as possible,  you want to keep the heat out in summer and the Cool out in winter,  it is important to have good insulation properties in the house

Use good glazing or Double glazing


Use accredited designers and experienced installers- Choosing a reputable company will help you make an informed decision when purchasing your geothermal heat pump system

Choosing the right equipment-  we take the worry of choosing the right equipment for your project from you,  there are so many brands to choose from and the quality varies,  we find the best suitable products to suit your needs and budget,  we only use reputable products that have warranties and support