Design Optimization

Geothermal Design and optimization, Borehole and ground loop design,  energy modelling,  investment payback analysis,  Return on Investment ROI analysis

How much will it cost?   What is my return on investment or ROI ?

Unless you understand what is involved with the design principles with geothermal you will not understand the importance of having a geothermal system designed by a certified geothermal design engineer

Having the skills of an experienced engineer as part of the GHCA team we are able to design systems and alter the ROI to suit your budget and needs


We  do energy modelling we can work out a your Return on investment borehole by borehole,  we can work out exactly how many boreholes to install so you do not pay too much

We can find the balance between where to install geothermal and where not to,  sometimes a 100% geothermal system is not a good option as the payback may be too long, we may propose a hybrid system where we use part geothermal part conventional,  Hybrid systems may be a better option we can help you decide which are the best options suited to your project

Please feel free to contact us if you would like your geothermal designed and optimised to maximise your return on investment