Quiet Air Conditioner


Ground Source Heat Pumps are less Intrusive,  generally take up less room than conventional units, require less maintenance and are a quiet air conditioning system,  they are mainly installed indoors with no outdoor equipment necessary, because there is no outdoor equipment needed they are vary adaptable to different buildings,  Geothermal for older heritage listed buildings is the perfect alternative to conventional air conditioning systems because these buildings never had air conditioning installed when they were first built there is usually no room to install the outdoor condensing units without making the building look unsightly,  Most GSHP systems can be installed inside the building so there is no need for uunsightly condensers hanging off the walls,  this means there is less chance of the units being stolen or vandalised and there is no need for protective grills like see here below,  Because the systems are flexible as to where they can be installed they do not need to be installed on roof tops meaning there can be an instant return on investment because of the cost saving involved with removing all the extra steel and infrastructure to hold the equipment on rooftops

There will be no more complaining from your neighbours that your Air conditioning system is too Noisy and they cant get to sleep,  and no more complaints in the office,  infact you can have a more productive office by not having a noisy air conditioning system distracting your staff and them working in a more comfortable environment.


Ground source heat pumps are subject to less vandalism and theft

Ground source heat pumps are subject to less vandalism and theft

GHCA Air Conditioner in Anti- Vandal Cage