Maintenance and Commisioning

Maintenance and Commisioning

As with all HVAC systems they all require a bit of maintenance it is a known fact that ground source heat pump systems do require less maintenance,  the reasons for this is the systems do not need any outdoor equipment and are not exposed to the elements,  dust,  salty air or vandalism,  the compressors and running gear in these systems are not subjected to such temperature extremes and only constant mid range temperatures so they do wear out as quick

GHCA optimise the design of all our ground source heat pump systems so they will require the minimal maintenance required this is part of our cost benefit analysis and design optimization process

When purchasing a ground source heat pump system with GHCA we will supply you with a maintenance program if required

Some of the maintenance we carry out is scheduled maintenance and Ad hoc maintenance

This includes:

  • Water and air Filter cleaning and or replacing
  • Ground loop flushing
  • Hydronic heating maintenance
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Plumbing and HVAC maintenance
  • general HVAC geothermal system maintenance
  • Repairs to existing ground sourec heat pump systems

If you have a ground source heat pump system that requires maintenance or would like to know more about what is involved with ground source heat pump maintenance

please feel free to contact us 1300 73 5949