Hydronic Systems

Our hydronic heat pumps allow you to heat and cool your home plus heat your hot water with up to a 70% saving on your heating and cooling costs compared to traditional means. We have several Hydronic  Geothermal systems available from you to choose from, for pricing information please contact us via the contact form on this website or call us on 1300 735 949.

Hydronic Heat Pump Systems & Geothermal Pool Heaters 


pool heaterOverall efficiency, performance & features: Three Star

Unmatched efficiencies and environmentally responsible products are hallmarks of WaterFurnace. With more than 20 years in the design and manufacture of the finest geothermal systems on the market, WaterFurnace quality is now available to heat your pool without an earth loop. Our pool heat-pumps are designed to last nearly twice as long as traditional gas pool heaters. No combustion by-products are produced, utilizing clean and efficient electricity. Higher efficiency also means less energy is required to condition your pool. Like all WaterFurnace products, Envision Series pool heaters must pass strict computer controlled run test and quality standards during manufacturing. Every unit is backed by a 1 year limited warranty.


ew series, hydronic systemsOverall efficiency, performance & features: Four Star

EW Hydronic Heat Pumps provide super efficient hot water generation for pool/spa heating, radiant floor, snow melt, aquaculture, and process water installations. Its wide range of operating temperatures, compact size, reversible control box and piping allow the EW series to be used in a variety of applications. The EW samples entering water temperatures and automatically adjusts the pumps and compressor for peak performance. Its controller enables the user to view all modes of operation and easily to ensure safe, reliable operation. EW units can be selected as heating only or heating / cooling models (EW020 heating only). The EW unit cabinet is fabricated from heavy-gauge steel and finished with a corrosion-resistant powder coating to provide years of durability and beauty. Scroll compressors, R-410A refrigerant, and oversized heat exchangers combine to provide users with exceptional energy savings.


hydronic systems synergy 3dOverall efficiency, performance & features: Five Star

With the Synergy3D Series, you’ll enjoy incredible energy savings on your heating and cooling costs while providing hot water for radiant floor heat (domestic hot water option also available). The Synergy3D is the geothermal equivalent of a boiler, furnace and air conditioner – all in a single unit. The Synergy3D shares many of the premium features used in or Envision line. All Synergy3D units utilize ozone-safe R-410A refrigerant. Computer controlled components auto-adjust for optimum performance and provide advanced troubleshooting features through fault lights and self-diagnostics. Heavy-gauge metal cabinets are coated with a durable metallic finish for long lasting protection. Copeland dual capacity scroll compressors provide outstanding performance and reliability, while coated air coils help ensure long life. Variable speed ECM blower motors are used for quiet operation. Heating priority may be given to forced air zones or radiant flow heat. Units are available in four vertical sizes.

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We have several Hydronic Geothermal systems available from you to choose from, for pricing information please contact us via the contact form on this website or call us on 1300 735 949.