Financing Geothermal Projects

Geothermal Heating and Cooling Australia has developed a Build Own Opperate Transfer (BOOT) funding agreement for clients looking to defer the upfront capital costs of a Geothermal heating and cooling system.
The upfront costs of installing a ground source heat pump
in some cases can be higher than conventional Heating and Cooling systems, the running and ongoing maintenance cost savings can be substantial.
By locking in any grants or Research and Development tax incentives or carbon tax and efficiently converting capital
costs to annual expenditure the traditional barriers to entry are overcome, especially as customers
still enjoy the real benefits of energy saving and CO2 reduction.
What we offer is a long term contract, which constitutes a fixed annual charge per kWh of
heating and cooling delivered from the system. Design, Installation, maintenance and performance
optimisation are all covered by the payment eliminating project risk and reducing exposure
to fuel and carbon tax price rises. Our third party Financiers are looking to fund projects over twenty to twenty five years about as long a life span as the heat pumps themselves,
we will consider shorter time periods where deemed appropriate.

For smaller projects eg residential homes we work with another smaller finance company, usually extending your home loan to incorporate a geoexchange system on your new home the energy savings out way the extra financing and interest costs

Like all finance packages we have certain criteria that need to be met and is by application only

Please feel free to contact us for more information