Borehole field Design

Geothermal Borehole field Design is an extremely important part of a Geothermal system, getting this right is critical this why you should always trust a certified geothermal design engineer

Having an experienced and certified design engineer design your Geothermal system will guarantee you have the best system optimised to maximise your return on investment

Our certified geothermal design Engineers are well trained and experienced in vertical borehole field design,  There are many factors that are taken into consideration when under taking a Geothermal Borehole field design

some of the factors to consider include

  • Heating and Cooling loads
  • Ground conditions, soil and rock types
  • trusted geothermal Drilling contractors available
  • ground water
  • grout types
  • Buidling and services location

If you or your company need some geothermal borehole field design work done please do not hesitate to contact us