Jails and Detention Institutions

Geothermal for Jails and Detention Institutions

there exist excellent opportunities for Jails and Detention Institutions to utilise geothermal energy

Jails will always need heating cooling and hot water to comply with health and safety standards

Generally these institutions are large users of power for their heating and cooling needs and systems need to be installed so they are safe and maintenance free as much as possible,  Ground source heat pump systems are the perfect solution for Jails because there are no outdoor fans/ condensing units required,  this means they are safer and less prone to vandalism and need less maintenance.

If you are a energy consultant, facilities Manager or an architect or involved with an incarceration facility or similar and would like to know more about how geothermal heating and cooling systems and how can reduce the electricity and maintenance costs please feel free to Contact us  and we will help you with your needs