Geothermal Heating and Cooling Australia offer commercial solutions for commercial and industrial heating and cooling. The advantages and opportunities of using ground source heat pumps for commercial applications are immense. Across Australia there are consistent increases in power costs making the case for Geothermal Heating and Cooling even stronger for industry. For example in Western Australia there was a 26% increase in power costs in 2009 and a respective 26% and 13% increases for 2010-11. This has a considerable impact for organisations which use large amounts of electricity. But it’s not only electricity which cost which can impact organisations. Many companies use large amounts of LPG bottled gas or diesel fuel to heat, cool or run machinery. Diesel fuel and LPG gas is extremely expensive and these organisations are the ones who typically get the most advantage from installing ground source heat pumps.

Industrial Applications of Ground Source Heat Pumps

Cost Effective…

        • Underfloor and/or ducted heating in for agriculture
        • Heating of seedbeds in greenhouses to product higher growth rates
        • Heating of large halls and spaces
        • Commercial/residential building retrofitting for air conditioning and hot water
        • Heating water for aquaculture and fish farms
        • Large developments with multi-dwelling heating and cooling solutions
        • Heating water for abattoirs
        • Heating water for Commercial Laundries
        • Commercial Swimming Pool heating
        • commercial hot water systems
        • Commercial cooling systems for Data centres

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