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Geothermal Heating and Cooling Australia’s Vision and Mission is to Revolutionise the way Australians think about the way they heat and cool their homes, offices and buildingsRecent studies have estimated that Ground Source Heat Pump technology could possibly reduce Australia’s total overall carbon emissions by between 2 and 3%
This 2 to 3% saving could be 10-15% of an overall 20-20 emissions target, Helping Australia achieve a 20 percent reduction of carbon emissions by the year 2020

As well as Saving carbon emissions the Geothermal Heating & Cooling Australia team aim to build a sustainable company helping Australia achieve there heating and cooling needs saving CO2 and saving home-owners,  businesses and Government money

The Impact of Ground Source heat pump on a wider scale for Australia and the world could mean massive reductions in CO2 emissions and save Australians Billions of dollars,  Ground Source Heat Pumps are peak load reduction (Air Conditioners are the peak load) it has the potential to delay the need to build new power stations by decades and massively reduce our reliance on fossil fuels for energy use

We pride ourselves being aligned with IGSHPA as members, certified installers and design engineers. By working underneath the IGSHPA standard ensures a great hassle free installation, IGSHPA is the world’s leading Authority on Ground source Heat Pump installation part of our vision and mission is to ensure that Australia sets a good standard for the installation of ground source heat pump systems and systems are installed to a high standard using certified and qualified personal and approved materials for construction

These are the reasons why we are so passionate about Ground Source heat pump Geoexchange heating and cooling systems
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