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We do everything within our power to keep the customer happy we do this by providing the best service from the time we meet you first till the time we handover the project and keep maintaining the service

Geothermal Heating and Cooling Australia has a diverse client base across a number of markets. Below are examples from some of the sectors and clients Geothermal Heating and Cooling Australia service


  • City of Mandurah – GHCA  provided an opportunity analysis to the city of Mandurah and highlighted the opportunities that surround areas like Mandurah that are close to Canals and water which are greatly suited to closed loop lake plate systems
  • City of Kalgoorlie Boulder – GHCA assisted the City of Kalgoorlie Boulder with providing the council information and advising them on what would be required for a ground source heat pump system at the Kalgoorlie Oasis swimming pool aquatic centre.

Commercial and Industrial

    • Northerly Group
    • Saint Hildas College
      St Hildas Geothermal Heating and Cooling Australia
    • Northerly logo





  • Eco Vision Homes
    Ecovision Homes

    Ecovision Homes

  • HS Hyde and Sons – Master Builders


  • PGD Consulting

IMG_0246 geothermal Heat pump Geothermal Heating Cooling Project Eco Vision

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